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Every day we help families who are caregiving for a loved one with dementia. We are also partnered with countless professionals whose expertise lie in caring for those with dementia. Our Education Center recently introduced the program Music and the Brain which educates professionals on the power of music with your loved one, patient, client or resident. The Road Behind Playlist will unlock memories in those with dementia and help them to connect with memories from years ago. We do suggest trying to encourage the listener to listen with headphones as studies have shown this method provides many benefits for those with cognitive impairment. Play it during dinner, through quiet time, even in the background! We will be releasing a monthly play list for your loved one, patient, client or residents to spark memories through the power of music. We encourage you to share with anyone who could benefit from using it. We hope you love the playlist, get encouraged to keep a song in your heart and be sure to Plan for Life Ahead, never forgetting The Road Behind. Click here to access this month's The Road Behind Playlist!

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