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You may only think of estate planning as something that people do when they are concerned about their well-being, but nothing could be further from the truth. Estate planning can be done at any time, and should ideally be completed when you’re in good health so that you have the opportunity to take your time and carefully map out your decisions to ensure that your legacy is carried out exactly how you want.

Unfortunately, we can’t predict when an illness or accident will strike, but having a plan for your estate can help ease the burden on your family during an already difficult time. Rest assured that your final plans can be carried out exactly as you desire when you complete the estate planning process with the help of the Van Dyck Law Group. Our experienced estate planning attorneys serving Hillsborough will work with you to ensure that your legacy continues to reflect your values and priorities, just as your life did.

The state of New Jersey has laws that dictate what happens to your possessions if you pass without a plan; avoid this by sitting down with an estate attorney from the Van Dyck Law Group.. Even if you are not quite ready to start end-of-life planning, your attorney can still walk you through other important decisions. These may include who you want to care for your financial affairs if you are incapacitated for any reason, as well as appointing someone to step in to make medical decisions for you if you are unable.

If you are ready to plan for your future, call us at (609) 293-2562 or contact us online to schedule a no-risk, confidential consultation today.

Protect Your Legacy in Hillsborough with an Estate Planning Lawyer

Hillsborough is a popular place to live in New Jersey, and for good reason. Moneygeek just named Hillsborough one of the safest cities to live in the United States. Additionally, Hillsborough Public Schools receive a high amount of funding — significantly higher than the national average — with a lower student-to-teacher ratio than in many other parts of the country.

Many of the residents in Hillsborough have been able to settle in comfortably and establish households that are currently flourishing. Protect all your hard work by planning for the future with the Van Dyck Law Group. Let us help you protect what’s most important to you.

Our services include:

  • Last Will & Testament Creation
  • Trust Formation
  • Estate Tax Planning
  • Charitable Planning
  • Special Needs Estate Planning
  • Asset Protection
  • Long-term Care Planning
  • Medical Crisis Planning (Advanced Directives)
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Estate Plan Reviews
  • Probate Assistance

Proudly Serving Our Clients in Somerset County

The complexities of New Jersey estate planning laws can seem overwhelming, especially when it comes to inheritance taxes, charitable gifting, and guiding medical decisions when you are incapacitated. Fortunately, managing attorney Fiona Van Dyck and the other lawyers at our firm are well-versed in all of the rules and regulations that could impact your future planning.

Van Dyck Law Group provides clients with personalized guidance to help them get their plans in order. Whether you are looking to strategize for potential scenarios or establish beneficiaries for your assets, our attorneys can help residents of Somerset County, including those who live in Hillsborough.

Somerset County is home to 21 vibrant communities. It is known for being an excellent place to live, work, and visit. Besides rich history, Somerset County also features many county parks, restaurants, shopping areas, and well-renowned public and private schools. With a diverse business environment, the area is constantly expanding. 

Somerset County is also one of the fastest-growing counties in New Jersey. Located in central New Jersey,  residents are never far from two of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas: New York City and Philadelphia. Within its 21 municipalities, there are 12 boroughs and nine townships. The most populous municipalities include Franklin, Bridgewater, Hillsborough, and Bernards Township. Van Dyck Law Group is proud to provide services to the residents of Somerset County, so they can be prepared for whatever future lies ahead. 

The Benefits of Working With an Estate Planning Law Firm

While you have the option of completing an estate plan on your own accord, it is advisable to work with an attorney. Not only will working with an attorney ensure that your wishes are upheld after your passing, but it will also save you time, stress, and money. With the lawyer by your side, you can protect your assets, reduce any estate taxes your beneficiaries could face, and uphold your legacy. 

Protect Your Assets 

Protecting your estate and family means protecting your assets. Your attorney will explain how to protect your personal assets from creditors and other claims. For example, your estate plan could include a domestic asset protection trust or a charitable trust. If you are a business owner, it’s possible that your assets could be jeopardized due to changes in regulatory structures and laws that come into effect upon your passing. Fortunately, there are estate plan strategies that can reduce losses in the future and ensure your vision for your legacy is upheld.

Reduce Your Estate Taxes 

If you do not have an estate plan in place, it is more than likely that any beneficiary of yours will incur taxes when they receive any assets or money from you. When you work with an estate planning lawyer, they can help you review your options and provide solutions to reduce those taxes. With the real estate plan, your beneficiaries can avoid probate court altogether.

Build Your Legacy 

An attorney can help you create a trust that secures your family’s finances for years to come to build your legacy. At Van Dyck Law Group, we understand how sensitive estate planning can be. We will ensure you receive the utmost respect throughout the entire process so that your family members can uphold your wishes. With the help of an estate planning attorney, you can avoid risking your family having to surrender a significant portion of your estate to creditors or taxes. Depending on the circumstances, your lawyer can also help you establish a trust or a charitable planning instrument to leave behind a world that’s a little better than you entered into it, thanks to your care and compassion.

Understanding the Intricacies of Estate Planning in New Jersey 

In New Jersey, assets, property, and other interests can be divided into designated beneficiaries or trusts upon your passing. The laws can seem complicated, which is why it is so important to work with an attorney.

It is also important to note that if you do not have an estate plan, a state probate court will decide how to handle your assets. That could mean that your relatives, friends, or other beneficiaries would not receive what you would have intended. Some of the laws that will come and play when planning your estate include: 

  • Will Laws — A will is a document that outlines how a person would like their possessions to be managed after death, among other critical instructions. In New Jersey, oral wills are not allowed. 
  • Living Will Laws — A living will, also known as an advance directive, is a document that discusses your preferences for medical and end-of-life care.
  • Probate Laws — Probate is the process of administering someone’s estate after that person dies. If there is a will, their property is distributed accordingly. 
  • Durable Power of Attorney Laws — A durable power of attorney gives an assigned individual the legal ability to make decisions regarding medical care, finances, and end-of-life care.
  • Estate Taxes — Estate taxes in New Jersey are expensive. The state collects both an estate tax and an inheritance tax, in certain instances. When you work with an attorney, they can help you establish an estate plan that helps your surviving family members avoid or reduce those tax amounts

Contact Van Dyck Law Group to Plan for Your Future 

At Van Dyck Law Group, we understand how challenging it can be to prepare for the future. While there’s no way to predict the complete accuracy of what will happen, you can plan for likely scenarios. When you work with an estate planning attorney serving Hillsborough, you can rest assured that your loved ones will follow through with your wishes and protect your legacy.

It’s never too early to start planning your estate. The sooner you take action, the sooner you can have peace of mind that your future will be protected. Schedule your no-risk consultation appointment now when you call Van Dyck Law Group at (609) 293-2562 or contact us online.

Van Dyck Law Group Client Reviews

“ Fiona and her team made a complicated and potentially difficult process of planning for the inevitable an easy, pleasant and uncomplicated experience. Amazing!”

– Anonymous survey 2

“ The staff was very professional, courteous, and responsive. The process of updating and restating our trusts was less arduous than anticipated. Every question was clearly explained and clarified and aimed at our level of understanding. This was an A+ service.”

– David & Diane of New Providence, NJ

“ Fiona is professional and highly knowledgeable, but what sets her apart is her ability to explain complex legal details in an easy to understand manner. She is friendly and patiently answered our many questions thoroughly. Her staff is equally friendly and responsive. And they accomplished all of this under virtual conditions! Very pleased with our experience.”

– James and Sheri H.- Hopewell, NJ

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