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Fiona VanDyck

Fiona Van Dyck

Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorney

Fiona strives to offer clients exceptional legal representation and allay any fears they may have in hiring an attorney....

Allen Porter

Allen Porter

Estate Planning Attorney

New Jersey Estate Planning Attorney Allen provides clients with the highest level of legal expertise in the fields of...

Ivette Castano

Ivette J. Castano

Director of Operations

Ivette brings almost 30 years of professional experience to the Van Dyck Law Group. She has extensive knowledge and expertise...

Regina Taylor

Regina Taylor

Director of Life Care Planning

Regina brings over 30 years of long-term care experience to Van Dyck Law Group. Prior to joining us, Regina...

Magdalena Phillips

Magdalena Phillips

Legal Assistant

Magdalena schedules appointments and handles administrative tasks that help keep the day-to-day at Van Dyck Law Group running smoothly....

Renee Dunn

Renee Dunn

Legal Assistant

Renee focuses on providing quality service and support to our clients. Her expertise stems from many years of estate...

Van Dyck Law Group Client Reviews

“ Fiona and her team made a complicated and potentially difficult process of planning for the inevitable an easy, pleasant and uncomplicated experience. Amazing!”

– Anonymous survey 2

“ The staff was very professional, courteous, and responsive. The process of updating and restating our trusts was less arduous than anticipated. Every question was clearly explained and clarified and aimed at our level of understanding. This was an A+ service.”

– David & Diane of New Providence, NJ

“ Fiona is professional and highly knowledgeable, but what sets her apart is her ability to explain complex legal details in an easy to understand manner. She is friendly and patiently answered our many questions thoroughly. Her staff is equally friendly and responsive. And they accomplished all of this under virtual conditions! Very pleased with our experience.”

– James and Sheri H.- Hopewell, NJ

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