New Jersey Life Care Advocacy and Crisis Management

Van Dyck Law Group provides comprehensive life care planning, advocacy, and crisis management in New Jersey. Our multi-talented staff includes individuals who are directly experienced with state-run programs and who have helped coordinate care and seek resources for hundreds of elderly and disabled individuals in our region.

Most of us don’t think about the day we might lose our independence, but it can come unexpectedly at nearly any age. Most often, the need for life care becomes apparent for individuals 65 and older who have recently suffered an injury or been diagnosed with a chronic illness. Disability, the need for rehabilitation, and the need for long-term support all come with the need for careful life care planning, advocacy, and crisis management.

Our firm can provide you with a Medicaid lawyer to help you navigate the available benefits and eligibility rules. We can also help our clients anticipate moments where they may need someone they trust to have powers of attorney so they can step in and help them make critical decisions, manage finances, and assist with obtaining the resources needed. The primary goal we have for our clients is to ensure they can enjoy optimal quality of life while taking advantage of strategies that minimize the strain on financial resources.

For assistance with Medicaid planning, navigating long-term care options, or helping a loved one in crisis, contact us today. Call (609) 293-2621 or contact us online to schedule a confidential consultation with no obligation.

Navigating Your Care Options in New Jersey

Whether you are looking ahead to the future or trying to assist someone in crisis, knowing about the care and support options that exist in New Jersey can be a literal life-saver. 

Van Dyck Law Group can provide assistance and guidance with determining what care a loved one will need, including in-home care and long-term care facilities appropriate for your loved one’s medical conditions and current level of independence. We are able to help you schedule and attend tours at long-term care communities that fit your personalized criteria.

Our firm provides assistance with locating resources for long-term care, including public programs like Medicaid and private options like long-term care insurance. Your family and your loved one will be in good hands knowing the options that are available, the rights of the individual in need, and the recommended choices given your current resources and eligibility for certain programs.

Life Care Advocacy for When Your Loved One Needs It Most

Managing the care of an individual can be incredibly difficult, even with the right plans in place. Care providers and resource providers can both tend to layout confusing requirements, which sometimes contradict each other. Worse, the decisions or assessments of some individuals can obstruct access, making it difficult to advocate for your loved one and obtain the level of care needed to help them maintain maximum quality of life.

With experience in both the public and private realms, the team at Van Dyck Law Group is ready and prepared to assist your family in their time of need. You can rely on our New Jersey care advocacy attorneys for communication and negotiation with long-term care communities’ admission staff on your behalf regarding placement in the communities. We can also assist with understanding the requirements of specific facilities or public programs, obtaining needed documentation, and facilitating the process of entering or exiting particular programs.

When you feel lost or like your voice isn’t being heard, reach out to our firm to obtain an advocate who is ready to listen. We prioritize your needs and aim to do everything possible to set realistic goals for your loved one’s care and help you reach them, day by day, with us as your personal liaison.

Have a Loved One in Crisis? We Are Here to Help

It is always tragic to see our loved ones struggling with self-care. When the moment arrives that you determine your loved one is in crisis and you need options, Van Dyck Law Group can provide you with the information, advocacy, and support you need.

Through our services, you can obtain referrals to family counseling to assist in dealing with challenging expressions, a dementia diagnosis, and/or assisting your loved one in transitioning to long-term care either in the home or at a long-term care community. We can also help you determine your loved one’s level of need, assemble required documentation for a program/facility application, set goals for life care planning, and carry out plans to get from crisis to full supportive care.

Our firm can also provide assistance with obtaining powers of attorney or guardianship/conservatorship for moments when your loved one needs someone to represent them in their most sensitive life matters.

Every day matters when a loved one is in crisis, so do not wait to call New Jersey crisis management attorneys who can assist you.

Start Planning and Learning About Options With a New Jersey Life Care Advocacy and Crisis Management Lawyer

Outcomes matter and we are here to help you seek the outcome that is best for your loved one during their challenging time. Speak to an experienced, compassionate attorney who can assist you when you call (609) 293-2621 or contact us online to schedule a no-obligation appointment now.

Van Dyck Law Group Client Reviews

“ Fiona and her team made a complicated and potentially difficult process of planning for the inevitable an easy, pleasant and uncomplicated experience. Amazing!”

– Anonymous survey 2

“ The staff was very professional, courteous, and responsive. The process of updating and restating our trusts was less arduous than anticipated. Every question was clearly explained and clarified and aimed at our level of understanding. This was an A+ service.”

– David & Diane of New Providence, NJ

“ Fiona is professional and highly knowledgeable, but what sets her apart is her ability to explain complex legal details in an easy to understand manner. She is friendly and patiently answered our many questions thoroughly. Her staff is equally friendly and responsive. And they accomplished all of this under virtual conditions! Very pleased with our experience.”

– James and Sheri H.- Hopewell, NJ

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