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The Dementia Journey:  How to Change Roadblocks into Detours

Have you ever been on a road trip, a leisurely vacation, and come upon a roadblock: construction or something that turns into an unexpected detour?  If you are like me your might find detours to be interesting and/or exciting.  They have the possibility of turning into an adventure; an unexpected chance to go a new way or discover a new place.  But sometimes, like on your morning commute or on your way to an important appointment, encountering a detour isn’t fun and/or exciting; sometimes it’s extremely inconvenient and difficult. 

So it is with life’s detours.  You spend your time planning your journey.  You plan to retire and travel or maybe you look forward to staying home and reading every book that you haven’t had the time to get to.  You carefully plan your finances so you can enjoy the retirement that you have worked so hard for. Your journey is going great…and then life throws up a roadblock.  

An unexpected dementia diagnosis can create a real roadblock on your planned journey.  Feelings such as grief, loss, fear, and anxiety are all too common when a diagnosis completely changes your life.  Now, instead of facing retirement with excitement and anticipation, all you see is a huge roadblock that is causing you dread and anxiety.  

Whether you have received a dementia diagnosis yourself, or your loved one is facing this roadblock, it will take adaptation, education, and lots of support to travel this detour.  Those who will be most successful will identify and utilize all the resources available to them for the journey. 

So, how do we face this roadblock and take this detour in a new direction without anxiety and fear of being in the driver’s seat?  First, identify the areas that will need adaptation.   The most common areas are your finances, your home environment, and your support system.  Adaptation in response to dementia-related detours can influence the ability to live well for people with dementia and caregivers. 

At Van Dyck Law Group, our expert Elder Law and Estate Planning attorneys along with our compassionate and experienced Life Care Resources Team are here to help guide you and support you on this unexpected detour.  In the upcoming months, we will address all three areas with information, advice, and resources to guide and support you on this new journey.

Linda Mundie, Director of Life Care Resources

Van Dyck Law Firm, 707 State Road, Princeton, NJ 08540

May 2022