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Medical care is increasingly expensive, especially for those who require long-term life care services. With careful planning and knowledge of available public resources, individuals can obtain the care they need that they would never be able to afford otherwise. 

Medicaid services and supports in New Jersey are available to those who qualify by meeting the level of financial and medical need. Individuals 65 and over — as well as individuals who are disabled or blind — can qualify for Medicare Long Term Services and Supports (MLTSS, often referred to as Medicaid, the larger program it is part of) if they are able to demonstrate their needs with the proper documentation. There are some consequences of accepting Medicaid, however, so individuals may need to engage in strategies for the purposes of Medicaid asset protection.

Van Dyck Law Group can provide assistance for those trying to navigate their Medicaid options, those seeking to demonstrate their level of need, and those who wish to protect their assets without jeopardizing their eligibility for Medicaid programs. Our services are available to those who are looking ahead with long-term care planning as well as those who have loved ones in crisis and in need of immediate action.

Our aim is to assist clients in Princeton and New Jersey by acting as their advocate and counsel during their most trying times. Contact us if you wish to receive information, assistance, and representation on your journey to find care for yourself or your loved one. Schedule a no-risk, confidential case evaluation today when you call (609) 293-2621 or contact us online.

New Jersey Medicaid Long-Term Care Navigation and Asset Protection

Medicaid’s long-term care program in New Jersey (officially referred to as MLTSS) provides comprehensive services and support in the home, in skilled nursing facilities, at assisted living communities, or in similar settings. Individuals who wish to qualify must meet the level of need by having monthly income below the threshold and limited assets to serve as a resource for obtaining care.

When applying to or accepting Medicaid benefits, individuals may wish to have guidance on how to arrange their finances so as to meet program eligibility rules while still having the means to support a high quality of life. Van Dyck Law Group can assist you with understanding Medicaid criteria, documenting your level of need, and determining strategies that could allow you to retain assets and income without harming eligibility.

Whether seeking to reduce your non-exempt resources or shield assets from estate recovery, strategizing around Medicaid’s rules requires extensive planning. There is a five-year lookback period for property transfers or sales prior to applying to the program, so individuals wishing to avoid penalties must plan ahead well in advance.

Van Dyck Law Group can provide you with guidance and long-term planning for your goals in the future. We assist clients who wish to qualify for Medicaid long-term care programs while maintaining a certain standard of living. If you need our assistance, visit our New Jersey Medicaid Rules for Long-Term Care page to learn more.

Medicaid Crisis Planning

Many families have loved ones who are in need of immediate assistance to obtain care or resources in order to pay for ongoing care. New Jersey’s Medicaid programs provide many options, but navigating them during a moment of crisis is anything but simple.

Van Dyck Law Group can provide you with experienced legal guidance and assistance with navigating your options, applying to programs, and advocating for your loved one’s most pressing care needs. We work closely with clients to understand their goals and seek the most appropriate steps both in the short term and the long term.

Recognizing a crisis is the first step to taking action. If you require immediate assistance for a loved one in crisis, do not hesitate to reach out to our experienced New Jersey Medicaid crisis planning attorneys. Our staff has direct experience with state programs, so we offer a unique perspective on helping you seek appropriate care using all available resources. By engaging with an elder law attorney, you ensure that you are fully aware of all your options and are able to use strategies that could maximize the resources you retain for your family.

Visit our Medicaid Crisis Planning in New Jersey page to learn more.

Coordinating With You and Advocating for Your Loved Ones to Help You Access the Medicaid Services and Supports You Need

New Jersey provides much more comprehensive care options for those in financial and medical need compared to many other states. Start the conversation today to learn what options are available, how to qualify, and what strategies could be leveraged to reduce the risk of exhausting needed assets or income.

Reach out to Van Dyck Law Group today to speak with an experienced and compassionate New Jersey Medicaid lawyer. Whether you are seeking to navigate programs, obtain the needed documentation, demonstrate need, appeal a denial, or manage the care of a loved one in crisis, we are here for you.

Schedule a confidential appointment with no risk and no obligation to you when you call (609) 293-2621 or contact us online.

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