be positive

Turning the Negatives into Positives During Challenging Times

The coronavirus pandemic has led people to be confined home and has created economic instability. It is understandable to be overwhelmed by the state of the world at this time. It is more important than ever to take steps to keep your mood elevated and stay positive!
1. Keep Your Mind Occupied
It is easy to let our minds run when there is something that is stressing us out. Every time you turn on the tv or go online, another COVID-19 story is there in front of your face. Turn off the news and take time to get some fresh air, focus on the positive things around you and enjoy quality family time.
2. Meditate, but be Mindful
Many people find meditation helpful. Others might not because meditation is not for everyone. For some, practicing stillness might simply invite racing thoughts. It is a challenge to not think about stressful events when trying to clear our minds. For those who struggle with slowing down your thoughts under stressful situations, try listening to music, exercising, or finding solace in a creative hobby.
3. Shift Your Thinking
How we interpret our emotions depends on the context they are in. Set a positive intention. Try thinking about how you can make each moment or day be about doing the best you can in challenging situations (“I will practice social distancing to keep myself and others safe”), rather than focusing on an outcome out of your control (“I will not and cannot get sick”).
We cannot always control things that are happening so we must be aware of those things we are able to control. Often, we create anxiety and worry for ourselves when we try to control something that is out of our hands. Focusing on more positive moments and getting in touch with what we can control can help decrease feelings of anxiety.
4. Focus on the Little Things
Take 10 minutes a day to get in touch with your gratitude to get in touch with more happy moments in life. Ask yourself:
1.   What were the three most positive things that happened today?
2.   What experiences in your day gave you pleasure?
3.  Think about very specific things that help you feel gratitude. Try to avoid using words like “my health” and “my family”. These are very broad answers and it actually helps to replace them with something like, “I am grateful for the fact that I am able to walk outside on the nice days” and “I am grateful that I got to see my daughter on FaceTime today”.
4.    How did you express kindness to others today?
5. Plan for Life Ahead
With all the uncertainty we have been experiencing lately, it is so hard to find comfort in the day to day with all the negative surrounding us. One thing you can count on is the peace of mind that having a thoughtfully drafted estate plan can bring. It is now, more important than ever, to have the life planning documents in place that you will need should something happen to you. So many people take the path of least resistance when it comes to discussing mortality and incapacity. Something that you can control is how you plan and make your wishes known should you fall ill or have a crisis occur. Give us a call if you would like to take the first steps in doing so at 609-580-1044. We cannot tell you what the future will bring, but we can certainly help you plan for life ahead.